1st year's running time report of the Department


With the completion of the first year of operation of the Informatics Department of the University of Thessaly is imperative to become and an account for this period of time.

The Department has currently 180 registered students with the vast majority of them to be active and to attend courses and workshops of the Department. The aim of the curriculum of the Department (which has been posted on the website of the Department) is to prepare in the best way the students for the labour market, giving a wide background in information technologies. Particular focus is given to the piece as the laboratory practical education gives the requested results as to the knowledge and skills required by contemporary reality. To achieve the outcomes have been given particular importance in both the course content and the overlap and their sequence through prerequisites courses to ensure the background knowledge that is necessary for each lesson.

In addition to the full curriculum, which is expected to be certified by the Rama of as and the curricula of other relevant parts until the end of 2014, the Department has progressed in the establishment of three workshops, which correspond to the main research areas of the Department. Should be highly emphasized the excellent cooperation with the relevant departments of Informatics with applications in biomedical and electrical engineering and computer engineering of the University of Thessaly in both the programme and organization of the curriculum and regulation in determining the character of the Research Department.

The infrastructure used for the Department's first year of operation was limited but proved to be adequate for this purpose and given that worked only one year of study. This gave time for creating further infrastructure (new Auditorium 140 seats, two workshops 25 positions) to meet the needs for the academic year 2014-2015. The staffing of the Department in human resources was, as you would expect for a new section, with contract teachers of 407/80 and some postings to meet the needs of laboratories. The Secretariat managed to work immediately and to respond to the needs of 180 students enrolled without any particular problems, which is all about. The figure worked extremely during the academic year 2013-2014 despite the turmoil created by the availability of administrative staff of universities.

For the future, we look forward to direct the Department's staffing with faculty members, teaching staff and EIB in order to move in stand alone mode αs well and in major upgrade of infrastructure (building and supervisory)of all parts of the University of Thessaly in Lamia. Also, the Department has begun to give his research position with the nomination of phd candidates, participation in research proposals and the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme which is organised with the brother Department of Informatics with applications in biomedical and expects approval from the Ministry of Education.

So far we have been fortunate to have the full support of all the entities of fthiotida and the administration of the University of Thessaly, material and moral. In view of the above, I think we have responded. We have a long road ahead of us but I hope that with the help and hard work all the Lamia has the University it deserves.

The Chairman of the Department of Informatics

Professor George Stamoulis

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